MIND Dart TC220 CNC lathe

MIND Dart TC220 CNC lathe

Gussago, Italia

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Dart Mind TC220 CNC 

CNC lathe

CNC Model Fanuc

CNC version 0-T

Main spindle nose ASA 6

Power main spindle 11 Kw

Main spindle chuck diameter 250 mm

Main spindle bar diameter 51 mm

Main spindle RPM 4000

Max turning diameter 350 mm

Max turning lenght 500 mm

Gear box yes

Number of speed 2

Number of turrets 1

Number of fixed toolholders in 1th turret 12

X-axis travel 1th turret 170 mm

Z-axis travel 1th turret 400 mm

Tailstock yes

Quill tailstock travel 60 mm

Cheap conveyor Hinged Belt

Presetting yes


Length 3640 mm

Width 1850 mm

Height 2000 mm

Weight 5500 Kg


ProduttoreMIND Dart
ModelloTC220 CNC lathe
Numero di magazzino68